We build value

The right medical treatment and advice aren’t the same for everyone because everyone isn’t the same. Medical needs, age and cost are just a few of the factors that influence our perception of what’s best.

We introduce you to a range of products and services that clearly match your individual needs – it could be medical attention right now or setting it up for the future. We don’t like people to wait longer than they need to, so we provide access to our GP Telephone Consultation Service – speak to a qualified, practising GP 24/7 from anywhere in the world for as long as you need.

With medical costs rocketing, the best healthcare helps you get better but also reduces your chance of becoming ill in the first place. We appreciate that value for money is as important as fully understanding what’s included when it comes to choosing healthcare. Through careful consideration of what’s right for you and your family, we give peace of mind. We help you feel better.

UK Private Medical Insurance

Gives you and your family quick access to leading UK medical care and hospitals.

Private medical insurance (PMI) is an exceptional service that side steps the NHS and propels you to the front of queues. But it’s complex and expensive – the range of options can be bewildering, the jargon mind-blowing and the costs are sometimes prohibitive.

However, we cut through those layers of difficulty. We provide a highly tailored service that takes your individual needs into account. We agree priorities up front – then present a range of options to fit them and explain the pros and cons of each. We help you avoid making expensive mistakes. We guide you though the process, supporting all the way from setting up a policy to managing any claims. Family health is personal and we always remember that.

International Private Medical Insurance

Ensures you and your family can access quality medical treatment quickly while abroad.

The UK’s NHS is pretty unique – people in other countries envy our government-funded healthcare. So when travelling or staying abroad, it’s sensible to have a contingency plan in place that covers initial medical consultations and repatriation back to the UK just in case.

But across the world, healthcare systems and costs vary hugely. So international private medical insurance (IPMI) requires specialist advisers to ensure you are always correctly covered. We understand those systems and how they affect our clients. As with PMI, we provide a highly personal service. We listen to your needs and support you through the process from choosing the right solution and setting up the policy to being on hand to help with any claims. We want you and your families to relax while you’re away but if things change and it’s time to come back home to live, we’ll help you convert your healthcare into a UK policy.

Travel Insurance

Helps you with unexpected expense and personal loss while travelling.

This covers individual and family medical expenses in areas with inadequate or expensive treatment and general expenses for lost or stolen items, such as cameras, luggage and cash too.

We believe that time away is time to enjoy. So we design personal solutions, ensuring any difficult or unusual risks are covered. We can arrange travel insurance for single trips, annual cover and family holidays. We can cover pre-existing medical conditions – even really serious ones and higher risk activities and sports like diving and skydiving.

Health Cash Plan

Gives you and your family cash back towards everyday healthcare bills.

Cash Plans are a cost effective way to help stay healthy – they help towards your dental, optical, osteopathy, physiotherapy and diagnostic consultations. They’re an increasingly popular alternative to private medical insurance.

There are many different levels of benefit to choose from, some even include personal accident cover, so we act as your personal shopper and assess your needs, research what’s available, negotiate with our reliable providers and then share our recommendations.

Dental Insurance

Helps you with the cost of dental treatment.

With UK NHS dentistry limits tightening and the costs of private dental treatment rising, dental insurance is getting ever more popular. It helps you cover the costs of their usual check-ups and additional treatment and therefore can help improve oral health.

We introduce you to your ideal protection – routine and preventative care with perhaps more serious and costly dental accidents and injuries covered too. We know that understanding your level of cover and seeing the dentist you want, really does makes a difference.

Health Screenings

Provides you with vital early medical detection of potential health problems.

If something’s not quite right it’s always best to get it checked out sooner rather than later. Health screenings identify any real issues so that action can be taken at the earliest opportunity.

Our solutions start with basic lifestyle assessments, through to health profiling and in-depth medical examinations. We listen to you and recommend a range of quality suppliers and services to match their needs. Your peace of mind is top of our agenda.

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