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Providing benefits for overseas employees is the right thing to do. They are a natural addition to broadening HR policies; they help attract the right, high calibre people and they link to productivity and subsequent business success.

But they can be challenging because according to state provision and culture, benefit programmes vary by individual country. Whether individuals are expatriates, third country nationals or local national employees has an impact too.

We provide international consulting and broking services to help businesses devise and deliver their global benefits. Our specialist advisers help set the strategy and use local market knowledge to design a relevant cost effective solution that is right for employees and the countries they work in.

We are the exclusive UK partner of Asinta, a strategic global partnership of independent, English-speaking benefit consultants. Together we help clients meet business needs and look after the wellbeing of all their employees.


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International Protection Benefits

Give bespoke protection for employees overseas.

Providing the right protection insurances for overseas employees is increasingly important given complex and changing employment legislation worldwide.  Decisions about the way cover is structured needs to consider employer nationality, tax location, local legislation and employees likely future mobility.

International protection advice requires specialist knowledge as well as access to local markets worldwide. We will help you ensure your staff have the security of appropriate cover being in place when they are outside their home location.  We help you understand the issues and provide the advice and worldwide resources to make sure cover is correct.

International Private Medical Insurance

Ensures overseas employees and their families can access quality medical treatment quickly.

As a duty of care and to meet local employment laws, multi-nationals provide overseas employees and often their families with access to medical care. But across the globe, these requirements, legislations and costs vary hugely and whether they are expatriate, third country national or local national makes a difference too.

International private medical insurance (IPMI) requires specialist advisors and knowledge of local markets all over the world to ensure employees are always correctly covered, wherever they are.

Travel Insurance

Helps employees with unexpected expense and personal loss while travelling.

This covers employee medical expenses in areas with inadequate or expensive treatment and can be extended to include personal trips with families too.

But it’s frequently misunderstood: Claims go through business expenses, instead of the insurer and too much cover is easily bought. It’s often badged as more of a business safeguard than a valued benefit – which is fine if that’s the strategy. We design bespoke solutions, ensuring any difficult or unusual risks are covered.

Multi-national pooling

Groups insurance policies together in a ‘pool’ to drive better value for multi-national employers.

Companies with two or more operations in different countries can combine to form a ‘pool’ that maximises their global purchasing opportunities. Each country still designs locally appropriate solutions but effectively sources insurance cover through collective buying power.

This can generate improved local insurance rates and pay out a home country dividend if the claims experience is positive. But establishing a pool can be tricky without the right advice. We assess whether this approach is even feasible before getting into the detail.

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