Improving Outcomes

We have devised a set of uniquely creative products and services that help answer and enhance some of the challenges UK employers now face. They are exclusively available for our business clients and we’ve designed them with both the employer and employee in mind. Our aim is to drive workforce productivity and improve outcomes for all.

Havensrock Group Life Assurance

Traditionally this benefit pays a lump sum payment to an employee’s chosen beneficiary should they die whilst employed. It typically helps families deal with the financial practicalities of their bereavement.

But what happens to employees if their partner dies? Can they afford the funeral, manage existing financial commitments and support the family?

Through a unique Dependant’s Benefit as well as child bereavement support provided by Winston’s Wish, Havensrock really benefits the whole family as it pays a lump sum to employees should their partner die. For the first time, group life assurance truly is an employee benefit.

It covers the needs of employers and the circumstances of staff by offering alternative solutions for professional services companies and pensions trustees too. It is modern comprehensive protection for caring companies.

Havensrock Group Life Assurance products are distributed and administered by Punter Southall Health & Protection and insured by Scottish Friendly.

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Havensrock Group Income Protection

Typically, this is a cost effective UK benefit that provides financial support for long-term sick employees. But across a typical workforce, only a few ever need to use it so it remains largely unappreciated by the rest.

Havensrock Income Protection uses improved employee wellness to drive business productivity. It still provides dependable financial help if an employee becomes too ill to work but is also uniquely based on improving workplace health. It’s a unique, ‘2 for 1’ way of introducing or providing wellness at work for any size of company, but especially for small and medium employers.

Employees are given access to an annual health MOT. This approach empowers employees to become healthier and more productive. It reduces sickness absence, yet still provides financial support if an employee becomes too ill to work and a personal nurse adviser service.

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Havensrock Income Protection is distributed and administered by Punter Southall Health & Protection and underwritten by Aviva Life and Pensions UK Limited.

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Havensrock Private Medical Insurance

Small schemes don’t have to mean fewer benefits. Employers with small medical insurance plans can still offer a generous healthcare package that will help attract and retain top talent while reducing sickness absence too.

We designed Havensrock Private Medical Insurance for companies wanting comprehensive healthcare without compromise for one member or more. It provides an exclusive package of private medical insurance and access to leading consultants and hospitals. Plus you can choose to offer further benefits such as worldwide travel and Dental/Optical cover.

We also make sure that this market-leading solution is competitive by introducing set premium loadings based on a company’s individual claims.

Havensrock Private Medical Insurance is distributed and administered by Punter Southall Health & Protection and insured by AXA PPP.

Healthsmart Absence Management

By integrating occupational health, absence management processes and employee benefits, Healthsmart cuts costs, reduces absence and drives workforce wellbeing.

We’ve created three service levels and built-in flexibility to answer specific company needs, whatever their size. We work with HR teams to minimise work-related illness and injury, set up referral triggers to access medical help at the right point and review absence cases monthly.

Our Wellness Team acts as the proactive interface between our clients, their benefits and their occupational health provider – either their own or Health Management Limited, Healthsmart’s partner.

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Med.24 GP Surgery App

GP appointments are hard to come by. Typically people wait between 2 and 14 days, which often results in unnecessary sickness absence.

Our GP App gives UK employees unlimited access to our virtual GP surgery between 8.30am and 6.30pm, Monday to Friday. eConsultations with qualified, practising GPs via webcams using Windows, Apple and Android operating systems, mean real time, face-to-face medical contact within less than an hour. This is supported by a private prescription service and online medically validated, up-to-date health information covering chronic and acute conditions, treatments and procedures, wellbeing and travel.

Personal medical notes are stored securely and all features synchronise with our GP Telephone Consultation Service, where employees can speak to a qualified, practising GP 24/7 from anywhere in the world for as long as they need. It’s a highly cost effective way to support your employees and help them back to health as quickly as possible.

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Post Hospital Service

Private medical insurance (PMI) is a dependable, quality product that focuses on expert treatment rather than rehabilitation. So once employees leave the hospital there is no linked support for them at home, which can delay their recovery and their return to work.

Our sister company RedArc has a team of Personal Nurse Advisers who help ill health employees with practical, considerate telephone advice and emotional support throughout their illness. They coordinate Help at Home to supplement our private medical insurance service for clients. High quality, tailored homecare for 2 hours a day, up to 2 weeks helps employees get back on their feet with domestic and personal care that includes meal preparation, shopping and bathing.

Following discharge from hospital, they help employees make as speedy a recovery as possible and manage their condition going forward.

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Historically, protection insurances have been based on employers supplying employee data just once a year. But it often takes a disputed or rejected claim to realise that employee data is out of date, therefore risks aren’t fully covered and chunky premium increases become the norm.

Gladis is our online self-service platform provided in partnership with Psyon, that reduces the risk of disputed claims and allows for accurate budgeting by actively managing employee data each month. HR teams upload and administer policy details through the robust, reliable portal.

Gladis is also extremely cost effective as improved employee data means insurers are clearer on the risks and can price more accurately, leading to reduced premium costs over time. Gladis comes ‘free of charge’ to our clients.

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