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Quality medical treatment and advice doesn’t feel the same for everyone because everyone isn’t the same. Age, technology, culture and cost influence value perceptions. Wellness adds another dimension.

Critically, employers need to deliver what staff hold in high esteem, what they can afford tax-wise and what will get them back to work. With absence increasing and medical costs rocketing, healthcare benefits have to deliver. They need to be reactive, preventative, sustainable and cost effective for small, medium and large companies. They need to work for employees working abroad, just as well as for those at home.

Achieving healthcare equilibrium is a constant, complex balance. It has to maintain harmony and integrate with other benefits and recruitment policies to be most effective. Through careful consideration of what’s right for each individual business, their employees and possibly their families too, we help reach that state and maintain it.

UK Private Medical Insurance

Gives employees quick access to leading UK medical care and hospitals.

Employees really value and make use of private medical insurance (PMI). It gets them back to work faster too. Employers use it as a recruitment tool and benefit from reduced sickness absence. However premium costs, driven by medical inflation rates, continue to overtake salary inflation so it’s increasingly rare to extend PMI across a workforce and often employers want to cull it back.

PMI is emotional, yet appealing, and we recognise that. We always recommend analysing how employees use it before switching to a cheaper alternative and do all that we can to help all employers, irrelevant of size, benefit from PMI cost effectively.

We shop around to find the right solution for each client or devise a bespoke answer that fits the need. Through Havensrock Private Medical Insurance, even very small schemes can offer top quality healthcare to attract top talent. With the Post Hospital Service employers can supplement their PMI package with our post-treatment rehabilitation service at minimal cost per employee and help reduce sickness absence.

As employees leave or retire, they can also continue PMI with us as a consumer.

Healthcare Trust

Enables employers to self-design tax efficient, flexible healthcare benefits.

Fully insured private medical insurance isn’t right for everyone. A tricky risk profile needs specific benefits to be effective and heavy servicing could bump up premiums. But with a Trust, employers can handpick their benefits and there’s no Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) to pay.

We help clients design a plan, calculate funding, complete documentation and set up the admin. We can even provide a claims service. The end result is a truly unique solution that meets individual business needs.

As winners of the Best Health Trust Intermediary category in the 2012, 2013 and 2015 Health Insurance Awards, we are well positioned to advise you.

International Private Medical Insurance

Ensures overseas employees and their families can access quality medical treatment quickly.

As a duty of care and to meet local employment laws, multi-nationals provide overseas employees and often their families with access to medical care. But across the globe, these requirements, legislations and costs vary hugely and whether they are expatriate, third country national or local national makes a difference too.

International private medical insurance (IPMI) requires specialist advisors and knowledge of local markets all over the world to ensure employees are always correctly covered, wherever they are. We are the UK representative of the Asinta Network of independent, English-speaking benefit consultants. Together, we meet business needs and safeguard the wellbeing of employees abroad.

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Travel Insurance

Helps employees with unexpected expense and personal loss while travelling.

This covers employee medical expenses in areas with inadequate or expensive treatment and can be extended to include personal trips with families too.

But it’s frequently misunderstood: Claims go through business expenses, instead of the insurer and too much cover is easily bought. It’s often badged as more of a business safeguard than a valued benefit – which is fine if that’s the strategy. We design bespoke solutions, ensuring any difficult or unusual risks are covered.

Cash Plan

Gives employees and their families cash back towards everyday healthcare bills.

Cash Plans are no longer PMI’s ‘poor relation’. They’re an easily provided, company paid healthcare option for all employees. They help with the costs of dental, optical, osteopathy, physiotherapy bills and can also include useful benefits for specialist consultations and diagnostics. Employers appreciate their staff appeal and they’re especially cost effective for smaller businesses too.

But like PMI, they’re precious. So we tread carefully and advise researching employees before making any changes to a popular cash plan.

Dental Insurance

Helps employees with the cost of dental treatment.

Employees value dental insurance. It helps them cover their usual check-up costs and additional treatment. It can help improve oral health in general.

As a benefit, this often loses out to more significant financial risks like life assurance or income protection. But in the US and Canada, it is frequently provided workforce-wide and with UK NHS dentistry limits tightening, the value of dental insurance is only set to increase.

RedArc Long-Term Illness and Mental Health Support

Advises and supports people through long-term, serious illness and mental ill health.

Traditionally employees receive benefits that practically and financially help them if they become ill. But what if they struggle to cope with an illness? How can employers best support them then?

Our sister company RedArc has a team of Personal Nurse Advisers who support ill health employees with practical, considerate telephone advice and emotional support throughout their illness. Experienced in a range of medical fields, they are equipped to individually help patients with valuable advice on specific treatments and relevant therapies.

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Post Hospital Service

Provides support for your employees after they return home from hospital

Being medically well enough to leave hospital is not the same as being better. Extra support in the first few days and weeks after returning home is often necessary and rarely offered.

The Post Hospital Service has been designed to look after your employees when they come out of hospital after a stay of 48 hours or more. The hospital stay can be for any condition (apart from pregnancy), including mental health, and it can follow a planned or an emergency admission.

A RedArc nurse will be assigned as a case-manager and look after your employee throughout the duration of their recovery. They will arrange whatever support is needed. This includes Help at Home – high quality, tailored homecare for 2 hours a day, up to 2 weeks helps employees get back on their feet with domestic and personal care that includes meal preparation, shopping and bathing.
Download the Post Hospital Service flyer

Healthcare for Group Leavers

Provides advice and broking services for individuals, including group scheme leavers and over-age dependants

If you provide private medical cover to employees and they leave your organisation, you will need to cease their cover when they leave. Many of these employees will have benefited from private medical cover over the years and some may even be receiving treatment under the policy at the time of their departure.

We can provide separate advice and broking services for individuals, including group scheme leavers and over-age dependants.  This service includes a detailed assessment of their needs, subsequent market research and placement of cover.  Ongoing support, advice and policy management are included too.

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